Lundi, octobre 20, 2014
Send Halloween Costumes for Francine, Franny or Both!

Please and thank you!!

Jeudi, octobre 16, 2014

Can’t say I didn’t try uwu ~ <3

Mardi, octobre 14, 2014
askthejoneses asked:
Aw, hey, Mama! How've you been? Don't worry, I haven't been gettin' my ass in trouble. - Amelia

Are you sure, Amelia?

Are you sure?

Mardi, octobre 14, 2014
Anonyme asked:
Suddenly; Dokitalia


((Mmm yes perfect))

Mardi, octobre 14, 2014

So I got only one request by ask-madame-france of 1p and 2p fem France. So yeah.
Dimanche, octobre 12, 2014
ask-the-switzerland asked:
Ah. Franny, enchanté. Où est-ce que Francine est? ... mais cependant, il est agréable sans elle...


Elle est dans le département de perfume.

Mais oui, c’est très calme sans Francine ici.

Q: Ah Franny, it’s a pleasure. Where is Francine? …However, it is nice without her…

A: She’s in the perfume department.
But yes, it’s very quiet without Francine here.

Samedi, octobre 11, 2014

((Ask box is open!))
Samedi, octobre 11, 2014
Anonyme asked:
what's the difference between you and Francine? btw you're adorable


Where to begin?

I guess you could say our main “difference” is our attitudes. Francine wears make-up, dresses nicely and acts the way she does because she wants to. She would never adjust herself to fit someone else’s standards. 

I, on the hand, am nothing like that. Je suis plus faible que Francine.

Samedi, octobre 11, 2014
Anonyme asked:
Dude I love your lipstick!!! What brand is it??



It’s nothing special, just Dolce and Gabbana.

Mercredi, octobre 8, 2014
whowritesincursive asked:
This ask blog is one of the best I have seen so far. Like, I feel so FRENCH when I browse through it and it makes me want a glass of wine and plate of brie or something. That, and the playlist is amazing. No ask, just admiring your art. :)

((ahhHHhhh thank you!! That means so much to me ;3;
You’ve just made my day!!!♥♥))

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